who is the astro art artist?

Anke Sabo, a German Canadian artist, creates galaxy inspired resin artworks. Immersing herself in the studies of art for 20 years of her life, she participated in Open Studio classes at Emily Carr University in Vancouver and other local art studios.

Before expressing herself in art, she was drawn to mathematics, astronomy and astrology. After studying Computer Science, she worked as a software engineer in Germany and now as a web designer in Canada. Living in the digital world of ‘0’ and ‘1’, true and false, power-on and power-off had a big impact on her. This extreme contrast also reflects in her artwork with dark backgrounds and bold contrasting colors.

Her husband, a plastic polymer engineer, introduced her to multiple forms of high technology polymers and this sparked her interest for artworks incorporating epoxy resin.

Directly responding to our surrounding universe, she uses every day celestial experiences as a starting point. Witnessing the total solar eclipse August 2017 inspired her new direction of deep space galaxies and astrology inspired artwork.

artists statement

In my artwork, I explore the relationship of realism and abstracts, inspired by astronomical reality and astrological imagination. With a multi-layered combination of materials, I recreate the intense deep space moments of celestial events. My pieces begin by referencing recognizable cosmic forms. Even with the deconstruction process and some creative distortion, the final result still contains the essential cosmic form. Born and raised in Germany, I am now fortunate to call Lake Country, British Columbia, Canada, my home.

group exhibitions


Lake Country ArtWalk ‘Life in Full Bloom’ – Lake Country, BC



Made by Hand – Lake Country Art Gallery, Lake Country, BC

Voice & Land – Lake Country Art Gallery, Lake Country, BC

Undressed – Member Exhibition Kelowna Art Gallery, Kelowna, BC

Under100 – Lake Country Art Gallery, Lake Country, BC



Lake Country ArtChairs – Lake Country Art Walk Initiative, BC

Under100 – Lake Country Art Gallery, Lake Country, BC



Lake Country ArtWalk – Lake Country, BC

Under100 – Lake Country Art Gallery, Lake Country, BC

ten² – Federation of Canadian Artists, Vancouver, BC



‘MIXX’ The Built Surface Exhibition – Emily Carr University, Vancouver, BC

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